Comprehensive Accelerometer Protocol (large pdf document, opens in new screen) - includes Preparing for ActiGraph Data Collection, Charging, Initializing and Delivering ActiGraphs, Compliance Tips and Prompting Procedures, Receiving ActiGraph Data, Cleaning and Scoring Data, Management and Training, Troubleshooting, and Useful Scientific References on Accelerometers and Physical Activity.

IPEN Adult Accelerometer Training

IPEN Adolescent Accelerometer Training

IPEN Adult Accelerometer Tracking Database (Microsoft Access)

IPEN Adolescent Accelerometer and GPS Tracking Database (Microsoft Access)

IPEN Adolescent Accelerometer GPS and Recruitment School Times Tracking Database (Microsoft Access)

IPEN Accelerometer Wear Time Log

IPEN Adolescent Accelerometer Protocol

ActiGraph Activity Monitors (external link)

MeterPlus Software (external link)

IPEN Accelerometer Scoring Protocol







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