The IPEN Adult Methods paper has been published!

For a quick view of IPEN Adolescent materials (surveys and protocols), please visit this page.

getting started Study aims, what is walkability, what is GIS, review the literature, establish a team, build on other studies, start with formative work, IRB issues
participants Study design, neighborhood selection, seasonality, recruitment, sample size, population issues
surveys Formative work, translation guidelines, adaptation rules, reliability, core sections, additional sections, full survey examples, translated/adapted surveys
accels Preparing for data collection, charging/testing/delivering, participant compliance, receiving data, cleaning/scoring data, management/training, troubleshooting, references, example documents, resources
gis and audits Introduction to GIS, comparison methods, templates, Introduction to audit tools, Sample tools, training, reliability, scoring
data analysis Data analysis considerations, required models, syntax, software, resources
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