Primary Investigator:

Javier Molina

Javier Molina-García, PhD, MSc
Department of Teaching of Musical, Visual and Corporal Expression
University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain
E mail:


Ana Queralt

Ana Queralt, PhD, MSc
Department of Nursing
University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

This cross-sectional study analyzes the associations between environmental factors and physical activity levels in Spanish adolescents. IPEN Adolescent study has been conducted in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, with a population of approximately 800,000 inhabitants. Participants have been recruited through high schools. Following IPEN recommendations, we have measured more than 300 adolescents.
Main measures:
            - Surveys (adolescents and their parents).
            - Accelerometry.
- GIS data.
- MAPS audit (MAPS Global Reliability Study) and PARKS audit.
- Public bicycle sharing program evaluation.



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Molina-García, J., Sallis, J.F., & Castillo, I. (2014). Active commuting and sociodemographic factors among university students in Spain. Journal of Physical Activity & Health 11, 359-363.

Molina-García, J., Queralt, A., Castillo, I., & Sallis, J. F. (2015). Changes in physical activity domains during the transition out of high school: psychosocial and environmental correlates. Journal of Physical Activity & Health 12(10), 1414-1420.

Molina-García, J., Castillo, I., Queralt, A., & Sallis, J.F. (2015). Bicycling to university: evaluation of a bicycle-sharing program in Spain. Health Promotion International 30(2), 350-358.


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